Company overview

Chelsea Communications was founded in 2008 and has grown into a fully – fledged marketing communication agency. We are a multi- disciplinary team of individuals with shared principles, who focus to partner with ambitious brands and tell amazing stories.

Our promise to our clients is that we work to provide collaborative, authentic and interactive experiences that will align a brand’s proposition and purpose as we tell their story in a manner that cuts through the clutter that is today’s ever-changing business environment.

Whether a brand is established or new, we use communication tools specifically tailored to fit the client’s needs, offering forward thinking business solutions and sound marketing advice.

We immerse ourselves in data to provide us with a back story on customer perceptions that help in building strategies that transcend borders and cultures. Ultimately, we are about people; We help brands launch or continue their journey and assist them in creating their future community.

We offer a range of services with the utmost attention to detail keeping in consideration key messaging and objectives set out to be achieved by our clients.